Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thrash Can 32

Within Temptation in The Middle of The Night 5:11
Realm Eleanor Rigby 1:59
Necros Christos Doom of Kali Ma - Pyramid of Shakti Love - Flame of Master Shiva

Brazilian Metal!!!

Angra Arising Thunder 4:52
Krisiun Minotaur 3:51
Viper At Least A Chance 3:59
Bywar Heretic Signs 3:15

Sarcofago Satanic Lust 3:08
Violator Atomic Nightmare 3:39
Dorsal Atlantica Vitoria 4:02
Korzus Anjo do Mal 4:40

Rudra The Pathless Path To The Knowable Unknown

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thrash Can 30

Available March 9th from ITunes and Podomatic
Also March 9th on BER

Hatriot weapons and Class Destruction 4:59
Allegaeon The Cleansing 4:29
Allegaeon The God Particle 5:24
Samson Riding With The Angels 3:44
Legion of the Damned Shrapnel Rain 4:02
Power Quest Rising Anew 4:35
Keep of Kalessin The Awakening 8:19
Steel Panther Turn Out The Lights 4:24
Deathwish Death Procession 1:41
Deathwish Demon Preacher 5:21
Onslaught Born For War 5:55

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thrash Can 28

Sabbat Witchflight 3:33
Cyclone In The Grip of Evil 4:43
Cauldron All or Nothing 3:55
Anacrusis ROT 4:51
Kreator Murder Fantasies 4:52
God Dethroned Storm of Steel 3:41
Chronology The Eye of Time 4:14
Satan's Host Sitra Ahra 5:40
Dark Angel We Have Arrived 4:07
Force of Evil Black Empire 5:09
Assassin Kill or Be Killed 3:49
Destruction Hate Is My Fuel 4:26

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thrash Can 27

Onslaught Born For War 5:55
Tormentor Absolution 4:58
Steel Assassin Hawkwood 6:12
Tiamat In A Dream 5:12
Lazarus AD Beneath the Waves of Hatred 5:04
Annihilator Romeo Delight 4:16
Sodom OUtbreak of Evil 3:29
Sodom Sodomy and Lust 5:11
After All My Own Sacrifice 3:59
Angel Witch Gorgon 4:07
Mercyful Fate A Corpse Without A Soul 6:55

Thrash Can 26

The War Episode

At War Ordered to Kill 4:21
At War Creed of The Sniper 2:45
Astral Doors Rainbow Warrior 3:43
Hail of Bullets Kamikaze 4:29

Gettysburg 1863 suite
Iced Earth The Devil To Pay 12:13
Iced Earth Hold at all Costs 7:06
Iced Earth High Water Market 12:36

Sabaton Counterstrike 3:48
Boltthrower Anti Tank Dead Armour 4:15
Torchbearer Dar

Thrash Can 25

Accept Locked and Loaded 4:28
Malevolent Creation United Hate 3:31
Anihilated Scorched Earth Policy 4:48
Bonded By Blood 600AB 5:02
Medieval Steel Warlords 3:32
Amon Amarth Guardians of Asgaard 4:23
Empyrean Plague Sheathed In Hate 5:29
Marduk With Satan and Victorious Weapons 3:51
Y&T Meanstreak 4:45
Carcass Exhume To Consume 3:50
Helstar Angels Fall To Hell 5:01
Seven Thorns Liberty 4:44
Iced Earth Screaming For Vengeance 4:37

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thrash Can 24

Airs Jan 19th will be up at and itunes on the 20th

Battlelore Enchanted 5:40
Incarnia Festivals of Atonement 5:16
Stratovarius Darkest Hours 4:12
Possessor Hammer and Nails 3:40
Death Angel Lord of Hate 4:23
Wuthering Heights Away! 1:27
Amon Amarth Valhall Awaits Me 4:43
Alestorm Keelhauled 3:42
Alestorm Wenches & Mead 3:42
Keep of Kalessin The Awakening 8:19
Armour Sex Demon 3:23
Ancestral Legacy Out of The Dark & Into the Night 6:12
Sodom Hellfire 3:07
Grim Reaper Rock you To Hell 4:02

Thrash Can 23b

Sabaton Panzer Batallion 5:10
Violent Force Dead City 4:57
Harbinger Drivers To Hell 3:18
Nekromantheon Devolutionary Storms 3:15
Angra Arising Thunder 4:52
Dream Evil See The Light 3:40
Sybaritic Cremation of Care 4:11
Golden Resurrection See My Commands 3:56
Destroyer 666 Satanic Speed Metal 3:49
Destruction Tormentor 3:55
Legion of The Damned Holy Blood, Holy War 4:14
Elliotts Keep Witchburning 6:10
Suicidal Angels Bleeding Holocaust 2:54
Saxon All Guns Blazing

Thrash Can 22/23

confusing, no actual 22 but next week no cf ran so it is either 22 or 23a either way here is the setlist

Lazarus AD Thou Shalt Not Fear
Lazarus AD Beneath The Waves of Hatred
Hail of Bullets Operation Z
Death The Philosopher
God Dethroned The Killing is Faceless
Immolation A Glorious Epoch
Diamond Plate Relativity
Demiricous To Serve is to Destroy
Nile Ramses Bringer of War
Steelwing Headhunter
Morbid Angel Rapture
Elixir All Hallows Eve