Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thrash Can 24

Airs Jan 19th will be up at and itunes on the 20th

Battlelore Enchanted 5:40
Incarnia Festivals of Atonement 5:16
Stratovarius Darkest Hours 4:12
Possessor Hammer and Nails 3:40
Death Angel Lord of Hate 4:23
Wuthering Heights Away! 1:27
Amon Amarth Valhall Awaits Me 4:43
Alestorm Keelhauled 3:42
Alestorm Wenches & Mead 3:42
Keep of Kalessin The Awakening 8:19
Armour Sex Demon 3:23
Ancestral Legacy Out of The Dark & Into the Night 6:12
Sodom Hellfire 3:07
Grim Reaper Rock you To Hell 4:02

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