Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 11

New show airs September 29th at Brutal Existence Radio at 6pm est and is avaialable for download the evening of September 30th through Podomatic or ITunes. Email suggestions, questions and requests Here

Hail of Bullets Kamikaze 4:29
Spellcaster Locked On 4:51
Dark Angel Merciless Death 4:28
Death Pull The Plug 4:26
Massacra Researchers of Tortures 4:00
Viper At Least A Chance 3:59
Takashi Strangler 5:13
Abbattoir Bring On The Damned 4:12
Elliott's Keep Witchburning 6:10
Helstar Pandemonium 4:24
Thaurorod Warrior's Heart 5:07
Lizzy Borden There Will Be Blood Tonight 3:56
Saxon All Guns Blazing 3:53

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Trasch Can Episode 10

This show is airing on brutalexistenceradio.com on Wednesday September 22 from 6-7pm EST and can be downloaded through ITunes or at thrashcan.podomatic.com beginning the evening of September 23. Hope you enjoy the show!

Decrepit Birth Polarity 4:36
Enslaved Ethica Odini 7:59
Death Angel Claws in so Deep 7:44
Hypocrisy Eraser 4:26
Immolation A Glorious Epoch 4:37
Warbeast Krush the Enemy 4:31
Horrifier True Metal Never Rusts! 6:00
Pessimist Trommelfuer 5:57
Rezet Toxic Avenger 4:18
Swashbuckle Raw Doggin at the Raw Bar 3:49

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 8

Dunkel Reiter Thrash Metal Maniacs
Helloween. Paint A New World
Baphmet's Blood Metal Damnation
Sodom Blaphemer
Voivod Killing technology
Mercilless Death Slaughter Lord
Jaguar Dutch Connection
Hyades Alive But Dead
Hells Thrash Horsemen Black Label
Hobbs Angel of Death House of Death
Heathen Dying Season
Nasty Savage Metal Knights

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 8

Death Angel Truce 3:31
Lazarus AD Last Breath 4:39
Dew Scented The Invocation 3:36
Master The Human Machine 5:18
Astral Doors Bride of Christ 3:38
Deceased The Kept 7:53
Skeletonwitch Longing for Domination 2:42
Hirax Demons Forces 3:23
Grave Digger Paid In Blood 3:57
WASP Babylon's Burning 5:00
Deathwish Demon Preacher 5:21
Sodom Among The Weirdcong 5:08
Cyclone Fall Under His Command 4:48

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 7

Show airs Wednesdays from 6-7pm EST on Brutal Existence Radio . You can download the show starting each Thursday at Podomatic . Hope you enjoy this week's show

Malevolent Creation Slaughterhouse 4:11
Taurus Fissura 4:01
Bonded By Blood Prison Planet 3:09
Destroyer Destroyer 4:58
Viathyn Heathen Arise 6:16
Bloodwritten Whore 3:35
Grave Dancers Morbid Nation 2:04
Necropsya Devil With Angel Face 4:17
Norifumi Shima Reason To Live 4:14
Psykosis Terror at 3AM 4:42
Rancor Wounded Wolf 4:38
Midnight Idols Sworn To The Night 4:55
Mantic Ritual Double The Blood 5:49