Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 15 Halloween!

special Halloween episode, airs first October 27 on Brutal Existence Radio
Download the show starting October 28 through ITunes and Podomatic
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Thanks for supporting the show

3 Inches of Blood All of Them Witches 6:42
Darkthrone Witch Ghetto 3:56
Metal Witch Ghost 3:26
Bywar Broken Witchcraft 3:48
Sodom Witching Metal 3:13
Timeless Miracle Witches of Black Magic 4:24
Witchkiller Day of the Saxons 3:23
Witchery Witchkrieg 3:44
Split Heaven Iron Witch 4:44
Venom Witching Hour 3:16
Witching Hour Burn The Witch 2:49
Witchburner Witchburner 2:51
Deathchain Graveyard Witchery 4:13
Angel Witch Angel Witch 3:25

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thrash Can Podcast 14

Episode 14, Originally airs at 6pm est on Brutal Existence Radio on October 20
Available the 21st from ITunes or Podomatic
Email me crestfallen@brutalexistenceradio.com with requests, etc

Visitör P.I.T. 3:17
Accept Locked and Loaded 4:28
Blood Feast - Blood Lust 4:37
Axevyper Poserkiller 4:31
Deicide - Cruifixation 5:25 when london burns live
Sodom In War And Pieces 4:09
Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God 4:08
Fate's Warning Point of View 5:07
Merciless The Treasures Within 4:37
Pentagram Demoniac Possession 4:10
Sinbreed Newborn Tomorrow 4:44
Panzer Alerta Roja 3:36
Autopsy The Tomb Within 3:44

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 13

Show airs first October 13 at Brutal Existence Radio
Download starting Thursday at ITunes and Podomatic
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Swedish Metal Special this week

Dark Tranquility Focus Shift
Entombed Revel In Flesh
Unleashed Before The Creation of Time
Hypocrisy Valley of the Damned
Dismember Skinfather
Edge of Sanity Waiting To Die
Amon Amarth Vallhall Awaits Me
In Flames December Flower
At The Gates Kingdom Gone
Grave Liberation
Dark Tranquility Terminus
Sanctification Black Reign
Tormented Vengeance From Beyond The Grave
Arch Enemy Bury Me An Angel
Darkcreed Shattered Entrails

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 12

Originally Airs October 6 from 6-7pm est on Brutal Existence Radio, download starting the evening of October 7 from ITunes or Podomatic.

More rock Less talk

Overkill Endless War 5:41
Infernal Majesty Overlord 5:57
Unholy Lust Thy Angel Dust 5:21
Nocturnal Fear Nuclear Deathstrike 5:25
The Batallion Head Up High 3:31
White Wizzard Over The Top 5:08
Phlegethon During My Hollow Trinity 3:56
Beneath Wartorn 2:53
Christian Mistress Riding on the Edges 5:02
Hellish Crossfire Night of the Possessed 5:55
Alkoholizer Pay With Your Blood 3:42
Venom Satanachist 2:45