Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thrash Can 32

Within Temptation in The Middle of The Night 5:11
Realm Eleanor Rigby 1:59
Necros Christos Doom of Kali Ma - Pyramid of Shakti Love - Flame of Master Shiva

Brazilian Metal!!!

Angra Arising Thunder 4:52
Krisiun Minotaur 3:51
Viper At Least A Chance 3:59
Bywar Heretic Signs 3:15

Sarcofago Satanic Lust 3:08
Violator Atomic Nightmare 3:39
Dorsal Atlantica Vitoria 4:02
Korzus Anjo do Mal 4:40

Rudra The Pathless Path To The Knowable Unknown

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thrash Can 30

Available March 9th from ITunes and Podomatic
Also March 9th on BER

Hatriot weapons and Class Destruction 4:59
Allegaeon The Cleansing 4:29
Allegaeon The God Particle 5:24
Samson Riding With The Angels 3:44
Legion of the Damned Shrapnel Rain 4:02
Power Quest Rising Anew 4:35
Keep of Kalessin The Awakening 8:19
Steel Panther Turn Out The Lights 4:24
Deathwish Death Procession 1:41
Deathwish Demon Preacher 5:21
Onslaught Born For War 5:55