Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 6

Bywar Frozen Deadly War 3:45
Violator Uniformity is Conformity 3:31
Sarcofago Satanic Lust 3:08
Mercilles Command To Kill 3:22
Krisiun Slaying Steel 4:11
Andralls Hate 3:53
Bloody Invisible Faith 4:55
Bomb Threat Terminator 3:23
Art of Destruction Under Attack 3:46
Bulldozer We Are...Italian 2:59
Steelgar Retaliator 3:25
Cripper Life Is Deadly 4:43
Convixion Tomorrows Yesterday 4:22
Paradox Suburban Riot Squad 5:07

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 5

New show ready to go! As always hear it first wednesday 6-7pm est on Brutal Existence Radio, Download it wednesday nite or thursday afternoon at Podomatic or through ITunes for for as always. I've got a lot of stuff you may not have heard before and a few from back in the day. Hope you enjoy the show. Email requests or comments to or reply to the playlist here.

Empire Down Within The Flames 5:11
Empire Down Pathways to Madness 5:47
Cities Fight For Your Life 3:29
Hades On To Iliad 2:55
Killer Dwarfs Are You Ready 3:13
Possessor Hammer and Nails 3:40
Possessor Metal Meltdown 2:32
Pitiful Reign Human coldslaw
Toxik Heart Attack 3:49
Crystal Viper Metal Nation 4:04
Crucifier Truth's Vileness 3:36
Suicidal Angels Bloodthirsty 4:48
Released Anger Faces of Fate 4:49
Enforcer High Roller 3:21

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 4

Lots of new stuff this week and some Aussie blackened thrash, Enjoy! comment and requests here or at

Anihilated Scorched Earth Policy 4:46
Snake Eyes Scream For Thrash 3:53
Wicca Disneyland 5:22
Thulcandra Fallen Angel's Dominion 4:56
Shackles Coiled In Sin 3:29
Gospel of The Horns Absolute Power 3:16
Trench Hell Southern Cross Ripper 3:27
Destroyer 666 Black City Black Fire 3:36
Necrodeath Sodomy And Lust 4:23
Armour Magick Armour 3:36
Battalion Thrash Maniacs 4:57
Steel Maid Die Fast 2:41
Arkayic Revolt From Hell 4:05