Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 4

Lots of new stuff this week and some Aussie blackened thrash, Enjoy! comment and requests here or at crestfallen@brutalexistenceradio.com

Anihilated Scorched Earth Policy 4:46
Snake Eyes Scream For Thrash 3:53
Wicca Disneyland 5:22
Thulcandra Fallen Angel's Dominion 4:56
Shackles Coiled In Sin 3:29
Gospel of The Horns Absolute Power 3:16
Trench Hell Southern Cross Ripper 3:27
Destroyer 666 Black City Black Fire 3:36
Necrodeath Sodomy And Lust 4:23
Armour Magick Armour 3:36
Battalion Thrash Maniacs 4:57
Steel Maid Die Fast 2:41
Arkayic Revolt From Hell 4:05

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