Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 3

Episode 3 live now at Podomatic, on ITunes and at Brutal Existence Radio!

Overkill Ironbound 6:33
Vomitor Caligula 3:53
Disbelief The Eyes of Horor 5:12
Iron Fate Iron Fate 6:03
The Prophecy 23 Thrash BC 3:21
Burden of Grief Follow The Flames 4:19
Heretic Blood Will Tell 3:36
Venom Radio ID 0:21
Venom Die Hard 2:54
Heathen Death By Hanging 5:04
Onslaught Power From Hell 5:13
Num Skull Ritually Abused 4:29
Cyst Curse The Fates 3:51

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