Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 12

Originally Airs October 6 from 6-7pm est on Brutal Existence Radio, download starting the evening of October 7 from ITunes or Podomatic.

More rock Less talk

Overkill Endless War 5:41
Infernal Majesty Overlord 5:57
Unholy Lust Thy Angel Dust 5:21
Nocturnal Fear Nuclear Deathstrike 5:25
The Batallion Head Up High 3:31
White Wizzard Over The Top 5:08
Phlegethon During My Hollow Trinity 3:56
Beneath Wartorn 2:53
Christian Mistress Riding on the Edges 5:02
Hellish Crossfire Night of the Possessed 5:55
Alkoholizer Pay With Your Blood 3:42
Venom Satanachist 2:45

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