Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review- Elixir All Hallow's Eve

I was very excited when I stumbled upon and cranked up the new Elixir CD, All Hallow's Eve....I was also very drunk. Once the haze wore off I realized my elation was way overstated. The CD starts off ably enough with the title track. Despite an intro that runs a bit too long for my taste, the song develops into a nicely paced, well crafted piece. Melodic and catchy with a great sing along chorus. After that however we enter into a string of slow to mid paced tracks that never seem to get going. I spent a lot of time thinking "well the next one has got to be better than this". My thinking was wrong. Not bad, just boring.Things slightly pick up with the next to last song "You're Not Fooling Me". Not nearly as interesting as the opener, but easily the second best track on the record. The last track Samhain I think would have worked better at half the current length of 14 minutes. I'm not against long songs, but there didn't seem to be a point to drag this one out so long except to bring the record up to a longer run time for the CD. All in all I wouldn't recommend picking this one up, Maybe if it is on ITunes you can just download the title track and You're Not Fooling Me, those are the two that I will have in my rotation.

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