Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Thrash Can Podcast 1

First podcast is up and ready! Great stuff this week, please comment with requests, ideas to improve the show and to let me know if you liked it. You can download it at RIGHT HERE
Here is the playlist for this week!

Sodom M16 4:49

Diamond Plate Relativity 7:47

Violator Poisoned By Ignorance 4:08

Fueled By Fire Plunging Into Darkness 4:11

Witchery Witchkreig 3:44

Watain Malfeitor 6:58

Hydra Vein Rather Dead Than False of Faith 4:40

Venom Acid Queen

Gama Bomb New Eliminators of Atlantis BC 3:05
Gama Bomb Zombie Blood Nightmare 2:37

Saxon All Guns Blazing

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